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Forming from Nature

I follow cues from the natural world and find energy in its curiosities. My work takes form through diverse media, but always has roots in natural phenomena and the human attempt to understand, record, and sometimes control our environment.
Observations made by scientists and naturalists and recorded graphically through drawings and sketches have long been of interest to me. I often find these recordings of nature to be visually inspiring and at the same time poignant as they reflect an innate human impulse to digest the unknown or newly discovered.
Sometimes I am simply enveloped by the small moments and dramas in the process of gardening, and aspects of my work are generated from this little universe.
Ultimately it is the ebb and flow of human participation with the complexities of nature that threads through my work over time.



Retrospective 1.1.

International exhibition commissioned by Josep Pérez Camps:

This exhibition is a first rehearsal that attempts to showcase, in a chronological order, the main stages of the work carried out with ceramic by this prestigious artist of the contemporary plastic art sphere that is Enric Mestre (Alboraia, Valencia, 1936). The outcome is the present synthesis (…) of the trajectory of this ceramist and sculptor that has dedicated the main part of his professional life to the artistic creation with a determination that surprises by its intensity.
This vocation for disciplined and constant work over 50 years has resulted in the existence of a set of works of impressive magnitude, most of them are still preserved in Enric Mestre own ateliers, and that in an exclusive approach have allowed the configuration of Retrospective 1.1.



Blind Spot

The exhibition will be the (con)sequence of the work “Neighbourhood”, an installation awarded in the 2017’ Biennale. This work constitutes primarily a questioning about humanity, power and dominance. Also about absences, exodus and, perhaps, miracles.

After thousands of years of “civilization”, where are we? Where are we walking?




Rattles is a work composed by different overhanging objects with sound.
It is a work that was carried out following a collaborative model and it is going to be produced by a collective class of students from the Curricular Unit of Ceramic Laboratory in Fine Arts Faculty and some guests from the field of ceramic production or sound creation. To each participant the opportunity to create a set of elements with identity was given, developed through sharing ideas in the group, in this relation with the other, widening the Rattles concept and expecting formal developments concerning the space and the body, creating a sensitive relationship.
The installation in space is assumed as a mutual element that aims to create a relationship with the space and the body of the spectator. The produced objects will make different sounds and can be suspended and integrated in key spots of a path or used as performative objects in the body in actions to be defined.
We intend to intercept the spectator in the city space, proposing a circuit and a game with ceramic objects that make noise, either suspended or used in actor’s bodies.


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