Duo Tessitori

Isabel Pereira e João Loureiro

Morgados da Pedricosa Gallery
31st October | 6:00 p.m.

Tessitori is a duo of Viola de Arco and Classical Guitar formed by two award-winning musicians at national and international level. Isabel Pereira and João Loureiro formed the duo as students at the Royal Academy of Music – London. The ensemble has a twenty-year career. Captivated by the unique sound of the ensemble, they began by exploring the scarce repertoire existing for this formation and enriching it through arrangements of celebrated works and the creation of original works. In the programs of this ensemble we can find iconic works such as the Sonata BWV 1027 by J. S. Bach, Sonata in A minor D 821 by Franz Schubert, Cantos de España op. 232 by Isaac Albéniz and Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt.

Poetic Streets

Paulo Condessa

Street Arts: poetry
Biennial Circuit
4th November | 10h30 a.m

A performer walks through the public space and says a poem to each person he comes across. It generates a festive atmosphere balanced between expansive, playful, fun moments, and introspective ones.

The starting point of the circuit is at the Aveiro Museum / Santa Joana

Stand Up Poetry

Paulo Condessa

Atlas Aveiro
4th November | 3:00 p.m

Performative poetry show using rhythms, gestures, sounds and a lot of body expression. A performer freely reinterprets and transcreates poems by renowned Portuguese authors in a sequence that disconcerts and makes us think, impregnating the reading with the energy of pure pleasure and fun. All the poems are contextualized in a simultaneously playful and pedagogical way. It can be adapted to various audiences: children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

Staged Visit “Living Ceramics”

Daniela Amaral Cardoso

Art Nouveau Museum | 11th Nov
Former Captaincy Gallery | 12th Nov
Former Train Station | 16th Dec
City Museum | 17th Dec
3:00 p.m

Mandatory registration to museusdeaveiro@cm-aveiro.pt | maximum 30 participants

Immersive and interactive experience for visitors during

This staged visit will provide a sensory and educational experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the universe of ceramics in a unique and memorable way. The combination of theatrical elements, storytelling and visual, sound and tactile elements such as interactive projections, music and smells will make the visit interactive and engaging for people of all ages, awakening their creativity and appreciation for the art of ceramics.

This performance takes viewers on a journey to a “time gate”, revealing the magic and transformation of clay into ceramic pieces, portraying the complete journey of ceramics, from the final design to the initial process of creation.

Poetry à la carte

Andante Associação Artística

Aveiro Museum / Santa Joana
18th November |11.00 a.m and 3.00 p.m

Chef Andantinni has poetic proposals for everyone. Choose from the menu a poem and taste it on this outdoor terrace. Come and live a unique experience!

If in a restaurant you are not waiting for your dish to be served to everyone, here, the poem you have chosen, is just for you. We have the most technologically advanced system to take it from the hands of our Chef to your ears.

Poetry à la carte: a unique moment in your life!

WE – love matters

Vortice Dance Company

Aveiro Museum / Santa Joana
25th November 2023 and 28th January 2024| 3 p.m

Multidisciplinary performance/installation, of great visual impact, the show is the results of the interaction between the dancer and the public with digital interference. The dialogue happens in the moment, from the established provocation.


Mariana Miguel

Aveiro Museum / Santa Joana
30th November | 9:30 p.m

“Clay-piano-ocean” is a show by the pianist and multidisciplinary artist Mariana Miguel that results from a constant artistic investigation that has as its starting point the original music album “Piano Oceano”, where the prepared piano and the unconventional techniques are the motto to put “hands to work”, shaping sonorities, timbres, images and places, as if it were a pottery of songs. The audience dives inside the piano, throughout the show, observing in real time the techniques used by the pianist, as well as images that inspired the music of the album.

 At the end there will be a talk with the artist.

Ars ad Hoc

Arte no Tempo

Vera Cruz Church
8th December | 9:30 p.m

Christmas concert

Arte no Tempo presents a chamber music program, which includes one of the most famous Christmas classics.

In addition to an unmissable work by Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971), which flutist Ricardo Carvalho transcribed for the quintet pierrot – Trois mouvements de Pétrouchka [1921] – and which ars ad hoc presented, throughout the year in festivals, the Arte no Tempo group offer us the first listen to a new arrangement of the ballet The Nutcracker [1892], by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), signed by the same musician. Complementing this program of quintets, ars ad hoc also performs a trio by Italian composer Clara Iannotta (1983), whose music it pays special attention to in the 2023/24 season.

The initiative is part of the Boas Festas em Aveiro 2023 program.


Fundação Cupertino de Miranda

Misericórdia Church
15th December | 9:30 p.m

Born within the Cupertino de Miranda Foundation, Vila Nova de Famalicão, in 2009, the Cupertinos vocal group is dedicated almost exclusively to the Portuguese music of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, based on a nucleus of world-renowned composers such as Duarte Lobo (c.1565-1646), Manuel Cardoso (1566-1650), Filipe de Magalhães (c.1571-1652) or Pedro de Cristo (c.1550-1618). With an annual average of more than fifteen concerts, Cupertinos have already presented about three hundred works, including more than a hundred unpublished ones. In an unprecedented performative approach, several of these unpublished works have been transcribed from the original sources by the group’s own members under the supervision of its musical director, Luís Toscano, and Professor José Abreu.


Coração nas Mãos – Associação Cultural e Artística

Novo circo
Misericórdia Cloister
13th ad 14th December | 3:00 p.m POSTPONED [new date to be announced soon]

5 O’CLOCK TEA – Ask to four friends and one more that never arrives.

The present, the here and now, while sipping and enjoying the essence of the infusion. But, contrary to what is expected, peace does not happen. And the utopian calm of tea contrasts with the anxious situations and unforeseen events that arise from it – the water that never heats up, the tea that is never ready and the friend that never arrives.

Philosofical Dialogue

Joana Rita Sousa | The Filocriatividade project

Former Captaincy of Aveiro’s Port Gallery
28th January | 3:00-5:00 p.m
Maximum 14 participants – mandatory registration

Dialogue based on the exhibition. What does art tell us? What can you ask from art? Does art respond? What answers can we find [or create?].

In this philosophical dialogue we invite the participants to stop, observe, ask and dialogue. The starting point for the dialogue is the exhibition of the XVI International Biennial Artistic Ceramics of Aveiro. The requirements for participating in this dialogue are curiosity and willingness to dialogue with other people.

Mandatory registration to museusdeaveiro@cm-aveiro.pt | maximum 14 participants

The Third Life of Clay – Great Closing Show

Aveiro Congress Center
28th January 2024 | 6:00 p.m

The closing of the XVI Biennale of Artistic Ceramics of Aveiro takes place under the sign of the future. A future that represents day one to the beginning of the XVII edition, but also for the symbolism of the place where the Biennale Museum will be born to house the collection and start a new cycle of programming around ceramics and artist creation as well as becoming an anchor for future biennales.