Biennial Visita. Creation

Aveiro Museum / Santa Joana, Morgados da Pedricosa Gallery, Atlas Aveiro, Misericórdia Cloister
5tth November 2023 | 3red Decemver 2023 | 7th January 2024

Mandatory Registration to  museusdeaveiro@cm-aveiro.pt 

25 participants maximum

Artistic creation in ceramics is linked to the Biennale since ever, and this edition is no different. Beginning with the international competition exhibition, this guided tour also takes the audience through the other exhibitions that present artworks created specifically for this Biennale.


Biennial Visit. Invited Artists

Aveiro City Museum, Art Nouveau Museum, Former Captaincy of Aveiro’s Por Gallery, Former Train Station
19th November, 17th December, 21st January | 3:00 p.m.

Mandatory Registration to  museusdeaveiro@cm-aveiro.pt 

25 participants maximum

The Biennial is a stage for Ceramic artists, bringing together renowned names and emergent talents, both Portuguese and international artists. This whole makes up the visit dedicated to the exhibitions of guest artists that takes place once a month.


Atlas Aveiro
18th November 2023 and 20th January 2024 | 11:00 a.m

Mandatory Registration to  museusdeaveiro@cm-aveiro.pt 

40 participants maximum

Reading program of the Public Library, which aims to involve children and families in a space of dream and sharing where stories and illustrations are the guiding line. The session includes the staged reading of works regarding art and creativity. Participation and training are the motto of these tale-workshops.

Sound Workshop


Atlas Aveiro
19th novembro | 11:00 a.m, 2.30 and 4.00 p.m

Mandatory Registration to  museusdeaveiro@cm-aveiro.pt 

35 participants maximum

The challenge is for everyone: to demystify the construction/execution of music, building in a playful and informal way experiences that allow to cultivate the body and mind using the pieces of Ceramics and Porcelain. A goal that with very varied and new experiences is developed in actions full of rhythm. Known by the ease and good mood, the CRASSH workshops are a possibility to make and compose music in a group through experiences and challenges that use instruments within everyone’s reach. Body percussion, voice and porcelain pieces, all present, learned and worked in a practical way in which the activity arises associated with sounds to allow the construction of musical experiences. Always with an informal language, stages of a well-structured program end so that participants can easily detain concepts and languages of the music world and at the same time develop and increase team spirit, sense of belonging, companionship, friendship, public exposure / communication, etc.